Is Your Drain Pump The Reason Your Washer Is Making Unusual Noises?

Posted on: 26 January 2016

For most families a working washing machine is a necessity, but as with any major appliance, a washer can develop problems over time. Many times these problems are heralded by certain unusual noises. One of the more common sources of washer noise is your drain pump. The good news is, it is not a difficult repair.

What Is Your Drain Pump?

The drain pump on your washing machine pumps the water out of the wash tub before and during your spin cycle. Depending on the model of your washer, your pump may move based on one of two ways. These include:

  • Belt driven
  • Motor driven

If your washer is making an unusual noise during or immediately following your spin cycle, this may be an indicator that your pump has some type of restriction, or has become defective. In addition to a noise, you may also notice that your washer is not draining as completely as it should.

Where Is Your Drain Pump?

To assess your pump, you may have to remove your front panel or cabinet, although on front loading machines, you may be able to assess your pump from underneath. Your user manual will be able to help you locate this device. Always use caution when working inside of your machine, as you are now being exposed to moving components, as well as electrical circuits.

What Do You Need To Do?

Once you confirm your problem is coming from your pump, disconnect your power source, and remove the outlet hose that leads to the pump. When doing this, place a shallow container on the floor to catch any water that may run from the hose or the pump.

Look into the pump for any foreign object that may be impeding the movement of the pump, or causing damage to the impeller. If you find a foreign object, remove it, hook back up your hose and your power source to see if that has cleared up the noise. 

If you do not find a foreign object, or your impeller will not freely turn, it may be seized or worn. This may require you to replace the complete pump. This is usually not a complicated procedure once you have purchased the correct replacement parts. The time and effort involved will depend on the make and model of washer you have, as well as where your pump is located at.

If your drain pump is not the source of your noise, or if you are uncomfortable making your own repairs, call a knowledgeable and reputable appliance repair service. They will be able to come and inspect your machine. Once they figure out what is wrong, they will be able to repair your machine and get it back up and running. Contact a company, such as Affordable Appliance Repair, if you have issues with your drain pump.