Tips For Boosting Your Air Conditioner's Energy Efficiency

Posted on: 18 September 2015

Having an efficient air conditioning system in your home can help to significantly reduce the amount of money you must spend on energy to cool your house. Some homeowners fail to appreciate the steps that they can take to improve the efficiency of their existing system and may simply assume that the only option for significantly increasing efficiency is to replace the unit. However, you may be able to achieve noticeable efficiency boosts by using these tips. 

Keep The Exterior Unit And Interior Ducting Clean

Most homeowners will spend a great deal of time keeping their houses clean, but they may not give their air conditioning system this same type of care. As dirt and debris accumulate on the interior ducting and the exterior unit, the ability of the system to cool and circulate air through the home may be compromised, which can result in the system expending more energy than necessary to keep the home comfortable. 

At least once every few months, you should thoroughly clean the exterior unit using a garden hose or pressure washer to remove any dust that may be accumulating on or in it. Additionally, you will want to use an industrial vacuum to clean as much of your home's ducting as possible. This simple step will help to improve the flow of air through the ducting, which can further reduce the amount of power needed to circulate this air through the home. 

Have Your AC System Audited

In addition to keeping the system clean, you may also be able to further improve the efficiency of it by having a professional audit your air conditioning system. During an audit, the entire system and your home will be inspected. This inspection will uncover any mechanical problems that are inhibiting efficiency and they can provide recommended upgrades to improve performance. 

Some people may avoid having this type of audit done to their property, but it should be noted that many heating and cooling contractors will offer this type of service at little or no cost to customers. Also, if this is not an option in your community, the local power company may also be able to perform this type of work to help homeowners use energy as efficiently as possible.

Knowing how to make your air conditioning system as efficient as possible can be a confusing task for new homeowners. However, having your air conditioning system audited as well as taking the time to keep it clean may yield substantial increases in energy efficiency for your system. For more information, contact an AC repair company.