Is Your Refrigerator Running? Learning to Recognize Major Impending Problems

Posted on: 3 September 2015

The refrigerator in your home has an important task: keeping your family's food not only contained, but safe to consume. So if a refrigerator goes down unexpectedly, you can be left in a huge mess, facing the possibility of losing hundreds of dollars in food supplies. It is always best if you can diagnose a problem with your refrigerator before it completely quits so you can avoid finding yourself in a panic, trying to find a way to keep your food from spoiling. Here are a few sneaky little indicators that your family fridge could be facing an impending meltdown—literally.

Excess Water in the Refrigerator or Freezer

A few drips of water here and there may be expected, but if you start to notice a substantial amount of water in your fridge or freezer, you could definitely have a problem. In most cases, excess water means that there is something going on in the freezer that is allowing a lot of extra ice to build up,and the water that is a result of the regular defrosting cycle has nowhere to go. If you can catch this issue early, you can have a refrigeration repair technician take a look and track down the extra ice. You will likely just need to have a new defrosting unit installed, which will usually only take a few minutes.

Intermittent Warm Cycles

It is normal for the freezer to have defrosting cycles that are meant to keep it from overfilling with ice. However, these usually only last a few minutes and should not be long enough to allow foods to melt or get warm. If you notice that your ice cubes are always melted or frozen foods are not so frozen, there could be a problem with the cold-condenser on the motor of the fridge. Make sure you have a technician take a look before the freezer quits completely, as this is inevitable.

Odd or Peculiar Noises

Generally, the refrigerator in your kitchen should be one of the quietest appliances that you have. If you can hear your fridge running from across the house, whether it is a loud motor sound, clicking, or any other weird noise, it is definitely a sign that something is up. The noises could be something as simple as a warped fan blade, or something as major as a failing motor. Either way, loud refrigerator noises should be a clue to get a professional over right away to take a look.

When it comes to the refrigerator or freezer and making sure it is not in danger of impending failure, you should not only know if it is running but also how well it is operating. If you spot suspicious issues with your fridge, contact a refrigeration repair professional for advice right away.