Salvaging Your Food When You Can't Afford Fast Refrigerator Repair

Posted on: 5 August 2015

People who are having financial trouble may face a real problem if the refrigerator breaks down and there's no money until payday. They might have to decide whether to apply for a high-interest loan or wait a few days to get the appliance repaired. If you're in a similar situation, consider what you can do to salvage your food before making a decision on how to proceed. 

Ice for the Refrigerator

Big bags of ice will keep food cold in the refrigerator if you put all the food in a central location. Ice from a grocery store is relatively cheap and certainly costs less than taking out a short-term loan, even if you have to repeat the process a couple of times. 

The ice will melt within a day or two -- and faster if the weather is hot and you don't have air conditioning. Put the bags in big containers to prevent leaking all over the refrigerator bottom. 

Food in the Freezer 

If your freezer is completely full, the food may stay frozen for a day or so, depending on how warm your home temperature is. Otherwise, it will thaw relatively quickly. If you don't have much in the freezer, move everything to the refrigerator. 

Finish up the items that are useless after thawing, such as ice cream and ice pops. Items such as frozen vegetables and fruit can go in the refrigerator when things begin to thaw. 

If you happen to be dealing with these circumstances during winter in a cold climate, putting the frozen food on a patio or deck will save it if the temperature stays below freezing. 

Managing the Situation

Keep the refrigerator and freezer doors closed at all times except when you're taking something out or putting something away. Check the temperature on the appliance thermometer when you do have to open the door. The temperature should stay at 40 degrees Fahrenheit or lower. If it creeps higher than that, get some more ice.

Use up the most perishable items first. Meat, eggs and liquid or soft dairy products are the main examples.  

The Possibility of Payment Arrangements

If you risk losing a lot of food to spoilage, call for appliance repair and ask about payment arrangements. Some companies issue an invoice that's due within 15 or 30 days. Some are willing to accept a post-dated check. Don't feel embarrassed. You're not the only one who asks, and the worst they can do is say no. 

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