3 Easy Ways To Extend The Life Of Your New Washing Machine

Posted on: 10 June 2015

Sure, you used your parent's washing machine while growing up and you have used a variety of different washing machines in different rentals and laundromats. However, none of those washing machines were yours. When you purchase your own washer, and make a large financial investment in it, you will suddenly find yourself caring how long that washer lasts. Here are a three tips on how you can extend the life of your first, brand new washing machine.

Install It Correctly

The easiest way to extend the life of your washing machine is by installing it correctly. Your machine machines needs to on a flat, stable surface. It needs to be balanced correctly - if your washing machine is off balance, water can leak out of your washing machine and cause problems not only for your machine, but for your floor as well.

An easy way to test and sees if your washing machine is balanced correctly is by running the spin cycle. It should run smoothly and should not make any loud, strange noises. If it does, you need to adjust the position of your washing machine.

The best way to ensure that your machine is set up correctly, especially since this is the first time you will be setting it up, is to spend a few extra dollars and have a professional install the washing machine for you. Be sure to watch how they install the machine and ask questions about the process, so if you ever have to move the machine, you can do it  yourself. 

Keep Your Loads Small

It is tempting to want to save time by washing huge loads of laundry. Although this may save you time up front, in the long run it can damage your washing machine. Your washer should not be full all the way to the top with clothing that are packed so densely that you have to pull to get a piece of clothing out. Your clothes should be loose in the washing machine and have room around them.

Your new washing machine should also provide you with a guide that explain the appropriate load size.

Air Out Your Washer

After you wash a load of clothes, leave the door to your washer open. This will allow your washer to air out and will prevent mold and mildew from growing inside of your washing and damaging it. By letting your dryer air out, you'll add years onto its use.

By letting a professional appliance repair person install your new washer, and by keeping your loads small and airing out your dryer, you should be able to extend its life by many years. If you ever suspect there is an issue with your machine in the future, just call up a local appliance repair shop like Terry Rickner Appliance Service and let them help you out.