4 Reasons To Buy A Front Loading Washer

Posted on: 29 May 2015

Front load washing machines use updated technology that can improve your laundry experience. Here are four of the top reasons to choose these newer models of washers.

1. They Are More Efficient

One of the top reasons people choose the more expensive front-loading washers over the traditional top-loading varieties is their efficiency. Many of these machines are considered naturally energy efficient because of how the drums are located in the front of the machine. For example, with a front-loading washer, there isn't as much water needed since the drum is horizontal. The clothes still get washed efficiently even though they aren't using as much water.

2. They Save Space

Also consider the fact that these washers can be stacked, which provides more space in your garage or laundry room. If you have a very small area where you can have a washer and dryer, these units are perfect. Not only can they be stacked, but since you don't need to access the top of the units, you have more storage on top of the appliances. Top-loading washing machines can't have anything stored on top of them, but with a front-loading machine, you have extra space if you decide not to stack them.

3. They Provide Exceptional Cleaning Abilities

Aside from being more efficient in regards to the water and energy used to operate them, your clothes will also be cleaner. The front-loading machines will tumble your laundry in a drum that is mounted horizontally. Gravity will continue letting the clothes and other laundry items drop to the bottom of the drum, which keeps cleaning them as they go from the top to the bottom. This can provide extra cleaning as opposed to spinning them in a traditional top-loading washing machine. This up and down motion is also gentler on your clothes.

4. They Allow for Easy Removal of Laundry

They are also perfect if you aren't very tall and have trouble reaching inside a washing machine to get to the clothes. With a front-loading washing machine, there is no standing on step stools or nearly falling in the machine just to get to the bottom. They are ideal for people of all heights without stretching or hurting yourself.

While front-loading washing machines tend to be on the more expensive side, they are recommended to the many benefits. Consider the fact that you will save money on energy and less water used when deciding if these are worth the investment. Visit an appliance store like All-American Appliance today for more information.